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Some Spoiler News For The Walking Dead
« on: October 10, 2018, 11:53:10 AM »
The Walking Dead:

The conclusion of the opening episode of season nine saw the shocking death of Hilltop
villain Gregory in a move which mirrored the narrative of the original Walking Dead comics.
But, after his exit aired on October 7, actor Xander Berkeley admitted that he wasn’t entirely satisfied with the nature of his departure.

“There’s only so long a douchebag like Gregory can stay alive, so I wasn’t shocked to find
out – even though it was very much [written into the show] at the last minute and I had
been a little bit set up to expect a very different journey”, he told Entertainment Weekly,
revealing that previous showrunner Scott M. Gimple had apparently planned to keep
Gregory in the story for a bit longer. However, Berkeley added that he had “no hard
feelings” about having his character killed off.

Will any old characters be returning?

Yes! New showrunner Angela Kang confirmed during an appearance at New York Comic-
Con in October that season nine will see the return of Jon Bernthal (who played Shane),
the late Scott Wilson (Hershel) and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha). The context of the
trio’s comebacks to The Walking Dead is still unknown, but it is likely that the characters
– who have all died on the show – will return in either dream sequences or flashbacks.

Any new cast members?

Plenty. On July 18, it was widely reported that Eleanor Matsuura will be playing Yumik –
a character from the Walking Dead comics who, like Daryl, uses a crossbow – in season
nine. Matsuura strongly hinted that she had joined the cast after posting on Instagram
that she’d just moved to Atlanta – a mere stone’s throw away from the show’s regular
filming location in Senoia, Georgia.


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Re: Some Spoiler News For The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead’ season 9: everything we know so far

Larry Bartleet
Oct 10, 2018       
Walkers keep on walkin'

The Walking Dead has now returned for season nine, with plenty of changes occurring
between the end of season eight back in April and now. Here’s everything you need to
know about the latest season of the long-running zombie show.

Spoilers lie ahead

•Season nine debuted with ‘A New Beginning’ in the US on October 7, before premiering
in the UK on FOX on October 8.
•‘A New Beginning’ didn’t exactly pull in the viewers, however – only 6.08 million tuned in
in the US, making it the lowest-watched season premiere since the pilot episode in 2010.
•New showrunner Angela Kang has confirmed that a trio of deceased characters will be
making appearances during season nine.
•Read more: The Walking Dead – can season nine win the fans back, or is the ailing show
finally (un)dead?

The Walking Dead season nine is here – how have viewers responded?

The promise of the new season hasn’t pulled in quite as many viewers as producers would
like, that’s for certain. 6.08 million people in the US tuned in to the premiere of season nine
on Sunday (October 7): a number which, while seemingly sizable, is actually 47% down on
figures from last year’s season premiere (11.4 million). The show now looks it may dip into
the five million bracket in the coming weeks – the kind of viewing figures not seen since
season one back in 2010.

It’s not all bad news, however: The Walking Dead was still the top-rated show on US cable
on Sunday night by a large margin, while its network AMC have said that the premiere also
drove the single-highest day of new sign-ups in the short history of their advert-free service
AMC Premiere.

Is Andrew Lincoln leaving the show?

Sadly, he is. Collider first reported back in May that Andrew Lincoln, who plays central
protagonist Rick Grimes, will leave The Walking Dead during season nine. The actor has
starred as Grimes since the show’s pilot episode in 2010, and he will reportedly only
feature in half a dozen episodes in season nine before being “phased out”.
Lincoln’s departure was first confirmed by Michael E Satrazemis, a long-time director of
the show. Satrazemis acknowledged Lincoln’s exit in a tribute post on Instagram in June
– which was swiftly deleted, of course.

The director’s written caption for the post (a screengrab of which you can see below) read:
“Many of us have spent the last 8 yrs [sic] of our lives living, working, creating, high-fiving, hugging and sometimes even bleeding real blood with Andy [Lincoln]. All to make something special. He is one of the greatest men I’ve ever met. And a friend.”