Author Topic: Thoughts on fTWD finale?  (Read 108 times)


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Thoughts on fTWD finale?
« on: September 30, 2018, 10:59:02 PM »
Morgan is starting to bug me. Martha had shown herself to be a psychopath, yet he was willing to put the entire group in jeopardy in order to try to save her.  Naturally he plan backfired and he ended up finding, then abandoning her handcuffed to the car.  Then later, he came back to kill her walker persona after she had died and presumably gnawed her own arm off.  Since he had walkie reception problems, he had to have been quite a distance from the truck stop.  Wouldn't it have been more humane (and efficient) to have just killed and buried her once he learned she was dying from a walker bit. 

I also thought it was hard to believe that Strand couldn't have collected some of the ethanol that was leaking out of the truck after Al shot up the walkers.  He obviously had enough strength to get back into the diner, so he should have been able to get some of the ethanol leaking out of the truck on his way back.

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Re: Thoughts on fTWD finale?
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 02:42:33 AM »
I was really afraid of Sunday night's show.  I had read on Fear's website, that they all
weren't going to make it to Alexandria, and that someone would have to die, and the
someone would be Morgan.  That is, unless they could find another place to settle, and
they did.

The site also said, that they do not expect the shows to merge any time soon.  They've
caught up with each other in time now, but The Walking Dead seems to be in another
time zone.  I do like the way Morgan took the time to buried her crazy butt.  All she
wanted to do was kill him, but all he wanted to do was help her.  Too unreal.  He has a
lot of nerves, with his 'stick'.  What's wrong with a gun Morgan?  Glad, the others made
it.  Now, they will be busy cleaning out the new place of walkers, or will they?


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Re: Thoughts on fTWD finale?
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2018, 06:44:53 PM »
I thought the same thing stpauliegirl about the ethanol. He could have scooped up some from the many leaks. Morgan had way too much confidence in his ability to “help” filthy woman. Is her name Martha or Dorothy or something? It took him quite awhile to walk to the truck stop but he was able to walk back to the car in no time to find her. He needs to get a grip and stop trying to fix everybody.If everybody else says kill ‘me maybe he should listen.