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Tonight's Show Had Lots Of Action
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:11:38 PM »
It was scary at times, like Al staying put, and telling Sarah to go be with Windell. I
didn't think a paralyzed man would work in that world, but they have it figured out. 
I have to ask, how do you think they got Windell down into the car?  Maybe, they
will mention it on tonight's Talking Dead.  Or, was it for next week?

Lou Diamond Phillips' directed this episode tonight on DATE 16th, not the '16th
episode' like I said.  Sorry, for that mistake.

Even though they showed us the real reason Martha is like she is,  Her real life
is stranger than anything.  She said that she liked the brains or the prosthesis
facial make up, and took them home with her. 

To answer if Lennie 'Morgan' will lead, I guess it was his night.  I liked it, but I
didn't like him being blamed, or getting hollered at for trying to save his, and
their lives by this guy..  I am very sorry, that the beer guy got bit.  I would
like for him to stay around for awhile.  Alycia and Charlie are going to be with
Strand, and John if crazy lady lets them get there.  I'm bad with names.
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Re: Tonight's Show Had Lots Of Action
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2018, 10:46:25 PM »
All I could think of was what good aim Morgan and Beer Guy were.  Morgan was swinging a dead walker over the side of the hospital in order to get it to land on a car and set off the car alarm to distract the walkers on the ground.  It was obvious that he was swinging a dummy.  Naturally he hit his mark.  The alarm went off and the walkers were distracted.  Ditto for Beer Guy.  Instead of swinging a dummy, he was planning on taking a swan dive because he was dying of a walker bite.  He too wanted to land on a car to distract walkers.  He hit it like a bulls eye. Considering they were 15 or 29 floors up, I doubt it would be easy to be so accurate.