Author Topic: In a way Hilary got her wish  (Read 142 times)


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In a way Hilary got her wish
« on: August 09, 2018, 10:39:49 PM »
I am a big fan of Mishael Morgan.    I met her because of my daughter and son-in-law.   She is a really sweet young woman, very humble and nothing at all like Hilary... this is why I can say that she is a really good actress because the character of Hilary is the exact opposite of Mishael.  So my feelings about Hilary who I loved to hate is a tribute to Mishael.

Now... remember Hilary Curtis who was really Ann Turner came to Genoa City to destroy Neil's family because she believed that Neil was responsible for her mother's death.    She stalked Neil and his family and pulled a lot of dirty doings on him.  Hilary also got the job of being Cane's assistant, drugged him or got him drunk, can't remember which - in a setup to make Lily believe Cane was unfaithful to her.

Even with all of her wrong doings Hillary was able to get both Neil and Devon to fall for her.   She married Neil and was unfaithful to him with Devon.

Does Devon even remember any of this and does he remember that he knew exactly who she was and what she was capable of doing until just a week or two before she died.

Devon's outrage and his hateful words and actions toward Lily is inexcusable.   He's grieving yes but he doesn't need to be cruel to grieve.

In the end and all through her life in Genoa City Hilary did ruin Neil's and his family's lives. 

Hilary got her wish in death.

For those who read Nora Roberts/J. D. Robb that last sentence sounds like the title to her "in Death" series.


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Re: In a way Hilary got her wish
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2018, 01:54:13 AM »
Yes, I've never forgotten Hilary's beginnings in Genoa City. I took a dislike to her character then, and never wavered. Neil and Devon seemed to have amnesia about Hilary's wicked ways, perhaps because they were attracted to her from the start. But it seems Lily and Cane remembered and did not ever trust her.
I agree that Devon's heartless treatment of Lily is inexcusable. Enough already! I was liking Devon a lot before this tragedy but now, not so much.


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Re: In a way Hilary got her wish
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2018, 06:27:56 PM »
cap i was saying something very similar to the hubby yesterday as we were watching.  its a real head scratcher the way devon is acting, this cruelty towards lily is not making a lot of sense.  yes, grieve for your wife (?) and unborn child, but to act like hilary was the mother teresa of GC is stretching it a bit much.  all this hatred and snarking isn't going to bring hilary back.  he fails to remember that hilary was definitely no angel and shouldn't be held up like she was. 

i'm looking forward to the day that lily reminds devon of all of this and puts an end to the hate-speech.  i allow for grief, but i draw the line at verbal and emotional abuse.  nope, it needs to stop and devon is quickly falling into the "annoying grieving spouse" character, who i hope will be short lived and not drag on and on and on.... ::)