Author Topic: Now that Carly's safe, she's annoying again  (Read 102 times)


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Now that Carly's safe, she's annoying again
« on: August 08, 2018, 08:00:54 AM »
I felt really bad for Carly when that witch Nelle was gaslighting her and when she was being tormented in Ferncliff.  I was so happy when Jason got to her just in time and got her out of there.  Her reunion with Josslyn was really sweet.

But now Carly the Annoying is back.  Rather than enjoying her triumph over Nelle, I started thinking "okay, the rich entitled loudmouth is back."  I like this character's spunk and would probably stick with her if she had something to do other than rant and rave so much and push back her blanket of blonde hair.  When she is lording over Ava, whose child she took, I am on Ava's side regardless of what evil the latter did in the past.

Am I alone in my issues with too-happy Carly?


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Re: Now that Carly's safe, she's annoying again
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2018, 08:47:21 AM »
I completely agree. Now that she is out of the mental institution place, I have less sympathy for Carly. When she is acting normal, she comes across as a loud, overly confident queen bee type. I find her amusing, but I can't say I like her. One thing I don't understand is how she was able to stroll into the room where Nelle was chained to the table, without getting stopped by the police. You'd think that room would be more secure.