Author Topic: Anyone else watch the new season pre show last night? Spoilers inside.....  (Read 65 times)


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They gave some pretty specific spoilers. 

1.  The new season picks up about a year and a half after the last season ended.  The war with the Saviors is over and the three settlements are working to build a new society.  Hilltop is doing the best because they have more people who know how to farm.

2.  The Whisperers make an appearance this season

3.  Maggie has a son named Hershel (after her dad)

4.  Carol and King Ezekiel are in a relationship, but she is still close to Daryl

5.  Daryl is going to be more outspoken.  Apparently he has become disillusioned by some of Rick's decisions and isn't willing to just go along with them anymore.

6.  Rick is leaving the show.  Didn't say if he was going to die or take off ala Morgan.  All they said is they wanted to give him a worthy exit.

7.  There will be new characters, one of which is deaf

Money Honey

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They are finally going to put Carol and King Ezekiel together, when the Whisperers
are coming.  Isn't it going to be bad for King Ezekiel?