Author Topic: ~Weekend fashion Saturday June 9th~  (Read 207 times)


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~Weekend fashion Saturday June 9th~
« on: June 09, 2018, 12:06:48 PM »


Really liking Abby's clothes recently

Second time around... didn't like it then or now.   Lace for the most part is ugly and cheapens most casual clothes.

Sharon wore this top a few times... like it everytime.

Ugly and the color makes Sharon underwhelming.

Lily has worn this before and I still think floral on dark background is not a good look for her.

This is also a repeat wear that look good then and now.

Color, style, fit, this dress looks fabulous on Mariah

This blouse although not something I would wear is so Mariah.  It's her casual style to a tee.

Dina wore this last Summer.  She looked great both times.  I wish I had this blouse, it's my style.

I like the way they dress casual Kyle.  Have you noticed that the men on the show have been wearing more casual shirts but the sleeves are too short, makes them look as if they have outgrown them or maybe they shrunk in the wash.
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Re: ~Weekend fashion Saturday June 9th~
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Dina! Dina! Dina! Fabulous! From the gorgeous top, to the great necklace, to the white pants (much better than the beige on the model), to the cute pink shoes-- just wow! Made me wonder if that top is available in Canada.

Thumbs up to Maddie's age-appropriate dress, Abby's red dress, Hilary's red dress, and Mariah's indigo number (she's another one who looked especially good). I do like the style and coral colour of Sharon's top, but the sloping design makes me think the sewing machine lost its way, and it distracted me.

Re the sleeves on the men's casual shirts: I think many of the male cast work out and the sleeves have to stretch over their muscles. I'd find it uncomfortable. My sleeves have to stretch over batwings, not guns!   
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Re: ~Weekend fashion Saturday June 9th~
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I like all of the red clothes, Mariah's blue dress, Sharon's white top and Dina's top.  (They always do a good job of dressing Dina.)  Maddie's dress looks like a house dress my mother would have worn in the 1950s if it were a little longer.  In other words, a big NO from me.


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Re: ~Weekend fashion Saturday June 9th~
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Mattie always looks so cute. Love her glasses. She is adorable.
What the heck is Realtor Lady wearing??? Are those tigers on the ugly polyester blouse? Surely this wardrobe choice and her hairstyle are meant to make us laugh.
Abby looking good these days. She looked great in the tummy baring swimsuit on Friday, especially for a new mom.
Sharon dresses appropriately for her job and home life. I agree with Capricorn that the mauve top did nothing for her.
Hilary is usually overdressed for every occasion, but she does look stunning.
Mariah awesome in that blue dress.
Could not quit looking at DINA in that sweet summer outfit with that cute hat. Even her makeup was perfect. Absolutely beautiful!
Do not care for the tight shirt on Kyle. The "Incredible Hulk" style does not impress me.


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Re: ~Weekend fashion Saturday June 9th~
« Reply #4 on: June 09, 2018, 03:54:21 PM »
URP - did Farrah steal that "hair" off a palomino?

It is interesting that so many repeat outfis appeared in the same show.  If the show needs to save money, maybe they should retire Victor.


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Re: ~Weekend fashion Saturday June 9th~
« Reply #5 on: June 09, 2018, 08:52:00 PM »
Mattie's dress might look cute on a 6-year old. I don't think any teenager in this day would wear it.
Farrah: I have no words. Where did they dig that up?
Abby looks lovely. It's a good color for her.
Sharon looks like she got out of bed and pulled on jeans, forgot to change out of her lingerie. Her pink top is a pretty color but I don't like the skimpy style. The mauve is ugly and the color washes her out.
Lily's dress looked better on screen than in this picture. It's a little too short bu that's how she wears her clothes.
Hilary looks great.

Mariah's dress is pretty and a good style for her. I'm not wild about her white top but it looks nice on her.
Dina's pink ensemble is classy. She is one stylish lady! Is the model wearing beige pants? I thought it was bare legs!
Kyle looks good and comfortable in casual shirts.


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Re: ~Weekend fashion Saturday June 9th~
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OMG the realtor looks even worse than the day before!

I love Dina's outfit. I remember it from before. Still great.

I like Mariah's white top. And she looks good in that blue.

Sharon's black lace top thing is weird and ugly.

Abby and Hilary look very good.


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Re: ~Weekend fashion Saturday June 9th~
« Reply #7 on: June 10, 2018, 09:10:33 AM »
Mattie's dress is a little too Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm for the office.  Too many ruffles.

I like Farrah's shirt with the fun casual print.  The floppy bow tie is unnecessary.

Abby's red dress, Hilary's red sheath below, and Mariah's royal blue dress are all great choices for these ladies.

Of Sharon's three tops, I like the coral one the best.  The first blouse with all the black lace is too reminiscent of lingerie.  Not crazy about the lace on the third blouse either.

Dina's top is a nice color and style for her.  Nice to see her in more casual clothing now and then.