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Abby Newman - Actor Melissa Ordway

Ashley Abbott Lassiter Newman Bladeson Howard Carlton Newman McCall - Actor Eileen Davidson

Billy Abbott - Actor Jason Thompson

Cane Ashby - Actor Daniel Goddard

Charlie Ashby - Actor Noah Alexander Gerry

Christine (Cricket) Blair  Romalotti Williams Williams- Actor Lauralee Bell

Devon Hamilton - Actor Bryton James

Dina Abbott Mergeron - Actor Marla Adams

Esther Valentine - Actor Kate Linder

Gloria Bardwell Abbott - Actor Judith Chapman

Hilary Curtis Winters Hamilton - Actor Mishael Morgan

Jack Abbott - Actor Peter Bergman

Jill Foster Brooks Abbott Fenmore Atkinson - Actor Jess Walton

Kyle Jenkins Abbott - Actor Michael Mealor

Lauren Fenmore Williams Granger Baldwin - Actor Tracey E. Bregman

Lily Winters Romalotti Ashby - Actor Christel Kalil

Mariah Copeland - Actor Camryn Grimes

Matilda (Mattie) Ashby - Actor Lexie Alexander

Michael Baldwin - Actor Christian Jules LeBlanc

Neil Winters - Actor Kristoff St. John

Nicholas (Nick) Newman - Actor Joshua Morrow

Nicole (Nikki) Reed Foster Bancroft Newman Abbott Landers Newman Newman Chow Sharpe Abbott Newman Newman - Actor Melody Thomas Scott

Paul Williams - Actor Doug Davidson

Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman Abbott - Actor Gina Tognoni

Ravi Shapur - Actor Abhi Sinha

Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Newman Newman McAvoy - Actor Sharon Case

Tessa Porter - Actor Cait Fairbanks

Traci Abbott - Actor Beth Maitland

Victor Newman - Actor Eric Braeden

Victoria Newman McNeil Howard Carlton Hellstrom Abbott - Actor Amelia Heinle
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Cast picture updated.

I was adding a picture of the new Kyle and hit the wrong button deleting the entire cast list post.  I had to search for pictures and resize them all again.  I'm tired to the bone.  I might have to take a nap.  :)  I think, hope that it's an improvement on the original post.  I even added the old devil of a goat and a few others.
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