Author Topic: Cesar Faison — Like Something out of Harry Potter’s Azkaban  (Read 271 times)


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Cesar Faison — Like Something out of Harry Potter’s Azkaban
« on: January 24, 2018, 01:49:49 PM »
When his first spoken line was a loud growl in the face of Olbrecht, all I could think of was Gary Oldman’s mug shot as Sirius Black in Azkaban, the Harry Potterland prison.  I didn’t watch when he was last on the canvas.  He promises to be a great villain.  Hopefully not as cartoonish as some other soap villains I’ve watched over the years, like James Steinbeck on ATWT, who was all-powerful and therefore not at all believable after a while.

Overall, I’m so impressed with how GH is layering interesting storylines together that keep me watching — like the continuing Jason/Drew mystery, Nelle and Michael (I want her found out and kicked out of town), Ava doing anything (just LOVE her!) and now the return of Faison and having something good for that great couple Maxie and Nathan to do.  And then there is Franco’s ongoing mystery re: what happened to young Drew.

I only wish my other soap, Y&R, had similar interesting couples and storylines — right now they are a snooze fest.

Go GH!!!