Author Topic: Ava, What Are you Doing?  (Read 276 times)


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Ava, What Are you Doing?
« on: December 15, 2017, 08:32:17 AM »

There was no movement on this after the first scene, but Ava's misguided approach to help Nelle is beyond stupid, IMHO.  She is a pariah already and is working to redeem herself.  Why throw in with someone who has been a con artist and who likely is conning Michael right now?  I'm sure she feels sorry for someone who is pregnant and alone, but this girl isn't someone to be pitied.  She's a shark.

I'm not sure I get where they are going with this, unless Ava thinks she can work the Nelle angle to get more time with Avery.

Did anyone else figure out what she's up to and why she'd befriend Nelle?