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Michael's performance on The Good Doctor was A1.  It was good to have Michael on my TV screen again.

I see the superiority in Michael Muhney's acting compared to Justin Hartley's.

I still see Adam Newman when I watch Justin on This is Us. 

I don't see a trace of Adam Newman when I watched Michael on The Good Doctor.

Money Honey:
It was nice seeing Michael again, but I didn't like when he pushed Shaun.  The show
was good tonight.  They had Shaun's dead brother come back to play the part of the
little boy who loses in life one more time.

Our local channel carried a football game so I missed it.

After all the hype and buildup, I was surprised and disappointed that it was such a small part for Michael.  Hoped that it would be a showcase for him.

I hoped MM would have a bigger part, but you correct Audrey, that he was not acting like Adam Newman.  The boy who played the patient and Shaun's brother is a better actor than Justin Hartley, too.


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