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What Will Happen On The Return
« on: January 01, 2018, 03:52:33 PM »
Lea is Shaun's neighbor, who he has known for a short time, but getting along with.
He doesn't communicate with her well because of his autism, but he is comfortable
with her.  Lea is not a professional like Doctor Glassman, and his therapist friend,
and she doesn't judge him as others do.

Doctor Glassman has been helping Shaun in some of his task at home, among his
personal things also, but he knows that this is over.  With Lea coming into Shaun's
life, maybe she can help him do these things now.

She's not a stranger, and we know he has a crush on her.  Shaun may have her take
care of his needs.  Lea, and Doctor Glassman might clash, because he doesn't know
her.  They've never met, and she is not a professional.  She is Shaun's neighbor,
and disqualified, but she knows Shaun has a crush on her.  She should not help his
with his expenses, and other personal responsibilities.  His expenses are the thing
bothering the doctor... She might take advantage of him.

Dr. Glassman has taken care of him since he was a young boy, and he is a father
figure.  This new season should be good.  The Doctor went over to the apartment
only to find him gone.  It seems, Shaun ran away with his neighbor.  His personal
items are gone.

I will be watching The Good Doctor when it returns on Monday, January 8 @ 10p.


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Re: What Will Happen On The Return
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Count me in.can't wait