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Monday Was the Finale...
« on: December 06, 2017, 09:55:03 PM »
What a finale it was.  The older guy that Shaun has learned to depend on is
tired of Shaun in a way.  He introduced him to a lady, who he wants Shaun
to go to when he has a problem, or just want to talk.  She can help him in
any way. 

There is a patient who is aware of the treatment of Shaun by his colleagues,
and how his suggestions are put down, which he pointed out.  He told them
that, if they had listen to Shaun they would have did the correct test on him. 
'You don't listen, or respect him'.

Shaun is listening to him when the patient tells him to take control of his life,
and don't let anyone tell him that he is not worthy.  He listened too well.  He
started sleeping in the janitor's closet, so that he wouldn't run into the lady
who is at his home waiting for him to come home.  She reported to the doctor. 
The next day, he told Shaun that he had on the same clothes as yesterday,
and that he smelled. Shaun told him, he would shower in the doctor's lounge.
In the end, Shaun tried to dodge him.  At the end of the work day, the older
guy told him he wasn't driving him home.  That was the Q for Shaun's show
time.  He went off on how he is always telling him what to do, and how to do
it.  How he was tired of him trying to control his every move.  He was loud,
beating his head uncontrollable and he had an audience.

He didn't want his advice anymore, and then he hit the doctor in the mouth. 
The doctor was surprised that Shaun would do this, but said nothing.  He was
holding his mouth.  End of the show, until next season.  I was shocked, but it
was a good show.
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Re: Monday Was the Finale...
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2017, 08:02:24 PM »
It will return in January, so not long to wait.


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Re: Monday Was the Finale...
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I cant wait, I really like this show and the cast as well


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Re: Monday Was the Finale...
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This show has gone off the wheels tremendously. I was not excited that the creator of HOUSE was involved in the remake of the Korean version because other than the 1 episode, it has been House part 2. I can now say that this show is complete garbage! If you want to see why the original Good Doctor is so great please watch the Korean Version!a

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Re: Monday Was the Finale...
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Hi ImaniYanni, I just watched part of the Korean show on YouTube, and I have to
say, it is different.  I stopped watching at the point of the cave in of the mine that
the brothers went.  The police found them knocked out. 

I can not stand sub-titles.  It takes something away from the movie.   You have to
continuously stare at the TV, so you won't miss any of the writing.  I'll probably go
back to finish it later... In intervals  Thanks, for telling us about it.
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