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Is this story going to break up Phyllis and Billy and reunite her with Jack?
...or god forbid, Nick
Young & Restless Discussion Board / Re: Really Jill?
« Last post by franniep51 on July 15, 2018, 05:38:24 PM »
Billy could be proven to be the one that is not Johnís bio-son and Jack really is. Then Jack will have to clean up Billyís mess and Jillís infidelities will be realized. A whole new mess of conflicts CTís can come from this.
Young & Restless Discussion Board / Re: Chancellor Bone or Dog Bone?
« Last post by Capricorn on July 15, 2018, 04:24:17 PM »
I believe Phillip was dead already when Jill got that dog.  I could be wrong though.
Young & Restless Discussion Board / Re: Chancellor Bone or Dog Bone?
« Last post by deirdra on July 15, 2018, 03:45:32 PM »
Whatever happened to Jill's Doberman, Ralph?  Did she bury him with the love of her life?  Since the grave is on private property, planting dogs with humans is probably allowed.  I'm no anthropologist, but the bone Kyle snatched did not look human.
Y&R Fashion Critique Corner / Re: ~Weekend Fashion July 14th~
« Last post by Peridot on July 15, 2018, 03:39:49 PM »
I like Mariah's white eyelet dress.  Summery and pretty.  The navy blue thing, not so much.  It looks like Mariah is wearing a tunic top and forgot her pants.

Hilary appears to be suffering from Ruffle Overload.  IMO that skirt would look better with a plain white tank top, or the white blouse paired with slim black pants, but the skirt and blouse together is too much.  I love Hilary's earrings.  In fact, all the earrings featured here are very nice.

Not crazy about Lily's gray dress.  Lily, like Sharon, appears to be raiding her daughter's closet these days.  Lily needn't look matronly but she's old enough now to start wearing things more age appropriate.

Nikki's white jacket just looks ratty, no other word for it.  That trim, whatever it is--not attractive.

I love Phyllis's floaty black and white ensemble.  I'd like it even better if she wore either two sleeves or none.

Tessa's red vest would look better without all the chains.  I imagine her catching those things on something every time she bends over.  The too-tight white blouse with one poor cold shoulder does her no favors.
Young & Restless Discussion Board / Re: Really Jill?
« Last post by Miravep on July 15, 2018, 02:40:46 PM »
PS Ricky, it IS absurd that Jack and Kyle are wailing and moaning that they can't get a DNA sample, when all they have to do is wait a couple weeks and Philip and Chance will have returned from their trip!  They were supposed to be gone for like a month, and it's already been two weeks or so.
Young & Restless Discussion Board / Re: Really Jill?
« Last post by Miravep on July 15, 2018, 02:38:55 PM »
Yes, and (or "but") that's classic Jill!  She's been waxing rhapsodic about the love of her life for ages and ages.  And feuding with Katherine about it.  I actually enjoy Jill's hissy fits and melodrama, in relatively small doses.  I thought her tantrum was funny and very much in character, and didn't go too over the top.  Jack talked her through it, and reminded her of how SHE felt when her biodad was in question.  Jill is always super emotionally driven and fiery, but in the end, also a sensible and pragmatic broad.  :))
I know the answer too. I couldn't  wait any longer so I found Friday's Canadian episode on YouTube and watched a few minutes of it on Friday night. Lol
This topic is driving me crazy because I know the answer to all the questions and speculations.  Look at the spoiler I posted a few minutes ago if you are a spoiler person.  If you don't like spoilers well you are all wrong except two posters.
Twins pop up on these shows all the time, so it can be possible.  Look at Y & R history with Marriah/Cassie, Blade/Rick, Katherine/Marge, and probably some other twin/lookalikes that I forgot about. 

Marco and Jack!
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