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I am so glad all of you posted.  I haven't watched for several days and thought I'd try to catch up.  You've saved me the trouble -- and the ick-factor.  I'm disgusted that the writers would do this to Nick and Sharon. Just disgusted.
Not that it really matters, but just wondered if others noticed.
Big Brother / 7/22 HOH
« Last post by katiesbeach on July 22, 2018, 09:45:42 PM »
What the heck got in to sweet Sam?  She basically bullied Tyler down from the wall....just yelling at him!  Then she immediately told everyone that she had made up her mind who she was going to nominate, and she wouldn't entertain anyone in her room unless she invited them.  And THEN when she put up Haighley and Kaitlyn, she basically shamed them for flirting, etc.  Wow.

While part of me admires her, i don't think she will get votes for her game play!!  Rock-Star is a wuss and Brett is an ahole.  And I couldn't follow one word of the 'conversation' between JC and Bayleigh

Still rooting for Tyler!
Young & Restless Discussion Board / I haven't watched the show in awhile
« Last post by supagal21 on July 22, 2018, 03:55:09 PM »
I have been coming here to read recaps. Not happy with the show. I don't like Tessa and Norah together. I don't know why they are he'll bent in keeping Tessa. I hate Victor. Kind of like Nick but now that he slept with Phyllis that was the nail on the coffin. I will continue to take a break and read recaps.
So, they are basically destroying Nick & Sharon .... AGAIN.  And the worst thing is to do it with Phyllis....who he had the affair with that put the final nail in the coffin of their marriage.  I'm sure that there is a part of Phyllis that likes sticking it to Sharon because Nick slept with her (and got her pregnant) when she was married to Nick.

Oh....and PLEASE, PLEASE, pretty please don't make Phyllis pregnant.  She's way too old.
Disgusting on so many levels. I cannot believe TPTB created this. I know it's just a soap but this storyline is insulting.
Young & Restless Discussion Board / Re: Am I the only one who thought Hilary died?
« Last post by Billie on July 21, 2018, 08:49:16 PM »
Wanted to comment that I thought Hilary's scene upon learning that their baby didn't make it was very powerful.   Her reaction came across as realistic and genuine ~ it even brought tears to my eyes.

On the other hand, that smarmy Cane, what a horrible role model! He's telling Charlie to omit (lie) what he knew about Lily running a red light?!?  Um, isn't a good parent supposed to teach their children right from wrong?  And what's with him talking to him with both hands on Charlie's shoulders?  I honestly can't think of a single person I know who who talks to anyone in that way, let alone their children.  Seemed bizarre and awkward looking to me.  But, as most of you know, I can't stand the guy....
We already knew that the baby was dead and it seemed that TPTB wanted us to think Hilary died due to arrogant Nate's creative surgery, since ORs don't turn off the lights with live patients in them.  But it all seemed a bit schmaltzy, so I expected to see Hilary alive the next day.
Young & Restless Discussion Board / Re: Shauna and Charlie schedule sex
« Last post by Capricorn on July 21, 2018, 04:08:35 PM »

I don't think Shauna "lured" Charlie over.  She invited him and he eagerly accepted.  I seem to recall Lily was pretty eager to become sexually active when she was a teen.  Too bad her online boyfriend turned out to be Kevin Fischer, who raped her and gave her an STD.  She should at least understand the couple's interest in moving to the next level, as they say on Soaps.  Most teenage boys Charlies age have urges and are unlikely to turn down an offer of sex from their girlfriend.  I can recall when I was in high school (in the last 70's) a bunch of boys discussing the girls they had had sex with, who was "easy", etc.   Things haven't changed.  Now they do it on Snap Chat instead of Shop class.

Lily the teenager was eager to become sexually active and was raped and that is why she does understand it... and doesn't want her teenage children to be active yet.

I saw Shauna preparing Charlie with promise of sex the day before then lured him... yes lured him the next day to come get it the minute Hillary left.   If she hadn't called him he wouldn't have been there.    The boy is/was a virgin and of course he went over because she was willing to give it to him.   

Shauna is like one of those easy girls that you heard a bunch of boys talking about.   Sex between tenagers is a age old thing, always was, always will be and it seems they are starting younger ... however it used to be boys putting on the pressure but these days girls are putting pressure on too.   

In today's world, most likely both parents have careers and teenagers are left unsupervised to do drugs, drink alcohol and have sex.  It's a shame that in order to make ends meet both parents must work, in most cases both want to work and children sometimes don't get enough discipline and supervision.
Nick was cheating on Sharon before Phyllis came along.  Does Grace Turner ring any bells?
Phyllis rubbing an ice cube on her neck Nick reminded me of Grace Turner doing the same during a power outage. That's all it takes to get a rise out of Nick.
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